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+ Sunrise over Movie Road in the Alabama Hills

A Treasure Hunt for Alabama Hills Arches

Wandering through the Alabama Hills feels like playing on nature’s playground, with hidden arches to hunt for, piles of boulders to climb on, and some of the most beautiful views Southern California has to offer! Before living in Southern California for a month, we had never heard of the Alabama Hills. Much to our delight, we discovered this incredible place where the desert meets … Read More A Treasure Hunt for Alabama Hills Arches

+ start of the hike to Tuttle Creek Ashram near Lone Pine, California

How to Hike Tuttle Creek Ashram Trail: A Journey for Enlightenment

The Tuttle Creek Ashram Trail is a moderate 4.3 mile hike with 1,500 feet of elevation gain, making for a great excursion from Lone Pine, California.


Lone Pine Lake Hike in Southern California: A Complete Guide

Nestled below the towering peak of Mt. Whitney, the Lone Pine Lake hike makes for a perfect excursion from the Alabama Hills, offering the opportunity to explore the snowy mountains high above the rocky rubble.