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Why Oceanside, Oregon is Worth a Visit: A Hidden Gem on the Oregon Coast

Tucked up against the hillside with easy access to beautiful beaches and iconic rocky cliffs, Oceanside, Oregon is perhaps the most overlooked hidden gem along the Oregon coast.


10 Best Things to do in Shore Acres State Park, Oregon

Shore Acres State Park on the Oregon Coast sits atop a grassy bluff along a sheer edge of shoreline, where rugged striped cliffs meet relentless ocean waves. The park offers stunning views of the churning waters below and excellent opportunities to see wildlife, like seals, sea lions and migrating whales.


A Complete Guide to Sunset Bay State Park in Oregon

In a state known for having beautiful state parks, Sunset Bay State Park is one of our favorite spots along the entire Oregon Coast. With a large campground, miles of beautiful hiking trails, and a white sand beach protected by rocky cliffs, there is so much to do and see near Sunset Bay State Park!