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+ colorful houses in Burano, a perfect day trip from Venice

How to Get to Murano and Burano from Venice

Two little island towns, Murano, known for its production of hand-blown glass, and Burano, a fisherman’s village with row upon row of brightly colored houses, are just a ferry ride away from Venice across the Venetian Lagoon, offering the opportunity for a brief escape from the crowds of Venice.


10 Best Budget Friendly Things to Do in Venice

Although it may not be what it once was, Venice remains and will always be one of the most spectacular and iconic cities in the world. There are so many amazing sights to see here – in this article we’ll describe our favorite things to do in Venice on a budget. The current day version of Venice is a little grungy, the canals are … Read More 10 Best Budget Friendly Things to Do in Venice