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Hello and welcome to our website! We are Sarah and Matt and we are so glad you are here!

We created Two Outliers as a resource for travel addicts, thrill seekers, and anyone else in search of the next adventure. The name is a reference to Sarah’s love of Statistics but more so, our determination to stray from the easy path, to do things that others might think are crazy, and live life outside the norm.

Like most things in life, our journey to starting Two Outliers has been a winding path. We met during college at the University of Virginia and both started working 9 to 5 office jobs after graduating in 2016. Despite being stuck in the monotony of the corporate world, we were able to feed our adventurous appetite with shorter trips, hikes, running, and biking.

However, as time passed and friends and family started to settle down with talk of weddings, new homes and babies, we knew that the “normal” path was not for us.

Our Cross Country Road Trip Plans

We always had the adventurous spirit inside of us, but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic forced the world to shut down that our fire for something more was truly ignited. In January of 2021, after being stuck at home for months, we decided to sell all our belongings and hit the road, and Two Outliers was born.

Now we are road tripping across the United States, making a new place our home month to month, while working full time and adventuring as much as possible. We spend any free time we can get hiking, camping, backpacking and exploring new places. And of course, we’ve brought our beloved cat, Fitzgerald, across the country with us (he’s really a trooper!).

You can keep up with our road trip adventures here.

Why we love to travel

We believe that life is about stepping outside your comfort zone. Our travels focus on epic hikes and adventures that push our own boundaries. While we always appreciate the world’s great wonders, we love to seek out authentic beauty at lesser known spots, away from the hustle and bustle.

We hope that our insights and experiences will help you prepare for your next adventure or inspire you to pack a bag and hit the road. Life is too short to take the easy path. Take a risk and get out there. Be an outlier – live life outside the norm!

About Sarah

A statistics nerd, photography junkie, avid runner and animal lover, Sarah is the heart and soul of Two Outliers. Sarah grew up near Richmond, VA, and while she has always loved to travel, her first visit to Switzerland ignited a growing passion and she has been constantly seeking the next adventure ever since.

Organized, analytical, and detail-oriented, she is the primary planner on the team and loves putting together a minute-by-minute travel itinerary. A self-proclaimed nerd, Sarah has a Master’s degree in Statistics and currently works as a Data Scientist. She is also the photographer and is obsessed with capturing the beauty of the world around her.

She is a coffee and beer snob, a three-time marathon runner, addicted to soy sauce and, when not traveling, spends her time fostering orphaned kittens for the SPCA.

About Matt

Matt is the right-side of the Two Outlier’s brain and the creative writer on the team. While Sarah is figuring out the most cost-effective way to get from point A to point B, Matt is probably researching the history of a place and trying to determine the best spots to get local cuisine.

Matt grew up outside Boston, MA and still thinks a fresh Maine lobster is the best meal in the world. As an avid foodie, he would rather starve than eat at a chain restaurant or tourist trap. He is often reminding Sarah that not every minute of the itinerary needs to be filled with an activity and that free time for rest and exploration is a good thing!

Passionate about helping others, Matt has a Master’s degree in Public Health and currently works as a policy analyst for the United Network for Organ Sharing. He is also a beer snob (but will drink any crappy cup of coffee) and three-time marathon runner, addicted to pasta and, when not traveling, puts up with Sarah’s foster kittens.

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