It’s no secret we love Idaho, so much so we decided to make a piece of it our own. From the jagged Sawtooth Peaks and teal blue waters of the Salmon River, to the grassy flatlands of the Teton Valley, Idaho is sure to steal your heart!

Top things to do in Idaho

We’ve spent several months living in Idaho and have completely fallen in love with the area! Below we’ll list a few of our favorite places to hike in Idaho, as well as other things to do in the state:

  • Kayak to Shoshone Falls along the Snake River, near Twin Falls, Idaho.
  • Visit the charming town of Driggs, Idaho for Teton views in a more laid-back environment. Grab a tasty local craft beer at Teton Brewing Company in Victor.
  • Go on a backpacking trip in the Sawtooth Mountains. Sawtooth Lake , Baron Lakes, and the Alice-Toxaway Loop are amazing options!
  • Take a dip in a hot spring in central Idaho.
  • Hike to the beautiful Alice Lake in the Sawtooth Mountains.
  • Visit Idaho’s stunning blue Lagoon, Blue Heart Springs, accessible only by boat!
  • Explore the caves of Crater’s of the Moon National Monument for an otherworldly experience.
  • Go chasing waterfalls in Twin Falls to see countless stunning falls, like Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Perrine Coulee Falls, Devil’s Washbowl, Minnie Miller Springs, and more!
  • Drive the Mesa Falls Scenic Byway in eastern Idaho to see two incredible waterfalls!

19 Best Idaho Hiking Trails

Idaho, Idaho, Idaho… where do we even begin?! We quickly fell in love with hiking in Idaho during our early days of nomadic life, and we always seem to find ourselves coming back to the Gem State. From laid-back eastern Idaho trails with epic Teton views to the cascading waterfalls of southern Idaho and the jagged peaks and cerulean alpine lakes of the…

Sawtooth Mountains

Endless serene alpine lakes nestled among distinctive jagged snowy peaks

Southern Idaho

Teal waters, impressive waterfalls and deep canyons carved by the windy Snake River

Eastern Idaho

The quieter side of the Tetons is a spectacular sight!