While you may know of Twin Falls as the home of the famous “Niagara of the West”, Shoshone Falls, the area also features a huge selection of other beautiful waterfalls. Most of the waterfalls in Twin Falls, Idaho, are quite easy to access (although can sometimes be tricky to find). In this article, we’ll tell you all about 10 of the best waterfalls in Twin Falls, Idaho.

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Waterfalls in Twin Falls, Idaho

In a state known for its many waterfalls, Twin Falls, Idaho is home to many of the best! From the enormous Shoshone Falls, known as the “Niagara of the West” to lesser known gems like Minnie Miller Springs, there’s really no better place to go chasing waterfalls in Idaho than Twin Falls! In addition to the many waterfalls in Twin Falls, the nearby 1000 Springs State Park boasts a huge selection of waterfalls within a 45-minute drive of the town.

The small town of Twin Falls in southern Idaho offers no shortage of natural beauty just waiting to be explored. Located about 2 hours from Boise, 3 hours from Salt Lake, and 2.5 hours from Idaho Falls, chasing waterfalls in Twin Falls makes for the perfect weekend getaway!

When is the best time to see Twin Falls waterfalls?

The best time to see the Twin Falls waterfalls as their most impressive is during the spring (March through early June). During this time of year, the snowmelt runoff from nearby mountains causes the flow to be stronger and the waterfalls more powerful. 

In fact, some of the waterfalls in Twin Falls don’t actually flow year round. The exact timing varies each year depending on weather conditions, but typically by mid-summer the water levels are significantly lower. We saw Pilar Falls in mid-July, and it was completely dry. 

Note: Ritter Island is only open from Memorial Day through Labor Day, so you will have to visit during the summer to see Lemon Falls and Minnie Miller Springs

Minnie Miller Springs, one of the best waterfalls near Twin Falls, Idaho

Best Waterfalls in Twin Falls, Idaho

In the following sections, we’ll go into detail about each of our favorite waterfalls in Twin Falls, Idaho, listed below:

Map of Twin Falls Waterfalls

The map below displays the locations of each of the best waterfalls in Twin Falls, Idaho. 

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Shoshone Falls

Quick Stats

  • Location | Shoshone Falls Park, on the South bank of the Snake River, about 10 minutes from Twin Falls town center.
  • Fees | $5 entrance fee (March 1 through September 30)
  • Hiking distance | short walk to overlook, option to continue along Snake River Canyon Rim Trail
  • Hours | Dawn to Dusk

The crown jewel of Twin Falls waterfalls , Shoshone Falls is often referred to as the “Niagara of the West”. The impressive waterfall stands at 212 feet high and 900 feet wide, forming a sort of semi-circle of cascading water, and is certainly a highlight of the Twin Falls area. 

The flow of Shoshone Falls varies widely by year and season. In fact, we’ve seen Shoshone Falls twice and both times it was so low that only a section of the massive falls was actually flowing. You can expect the falls to be at their most impressive following years with heavy snowfall, as spring snowmelt fuels the Snake River. For the best shot at seeing Shoshone in all its glory, visit during the spring (March through May). 

Reaching Shoshone Falls requires just a short walk from the parking area to a viewing platform. If you wish to get a little more exercise, you can also continue along the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail for up to 6 miles (one way), which leads all the way to Perrine Coulee Falls near Centennial Park.

Fun fact: Did you know that Shoshone Falls is actually taller than Niagra Falls? At 212 feet high, Shoshone is 45 feet taller than Niagra, at 167 feet high. 

view of Shoshone Falls from above, the most popular Twin Falls waterfall
Shoshone Falls, the most popular Twin Falls waterfall

Twin Falls

Quick Stats

  • Location | Twin Falls Park
  • Fees | None
  • Hiking distance | short walk to the overlook
  • Hours | 8:00am to dark

Contrary to its name, the waterfall after which the town of Twin Falls is named is actually only ONE waterfall! At one point, there were two massive waterfalls that cascaded side by side. However, one of the falls was dammed to create a hydroelectric plant, leaving only the solo waterfall. Although the hydroelectric plant in the background is not exactly scenic, Twin Falls itself is quite beautiful, cascading 125 feet over a rocky outcropping.

Twin Falls is located in Twin Falls Park, just a few minutes from Shoshone Falls. The park spans 10 acres and includes picnic areas and a boat launch. To reach the overlook for Twin Falls, it’s just a short walk from the parking area. 

Perrine Coulee Falls

Quick Stats

  • Location | Near Centennial Waterfront Park
  • Fees | None
  • Hiking distance | 1/4 mile – 1.5 miles
  • Hours | Anytime

A 200-foot waterfall that cascades over the Snake River Canyon, Perrine Coulee Falls is a can’t miss stop on any visit to Twin Falls, Idaho! For a unique up-close view of the massive waterfall’s force, you can follow a short trail behind Perrine Coulee Falls. While the trail is quick and easy, finding the trailhead can be a bit of a challenge if you don’t know where to look. Luckily, we’ve got a guide to finding the Perrine Coulee Falls trail with all the information you need for a smooth visit.

To see the mighty waterfall from a different perspective, it’s also possible to get an awesome view of Perrine Coulee from above along the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail. There is parking available near Washington Street, and then it’s just a short walk out to the Rim Trail. 

Perrine Coulee Falls, one of Twin Falls most impressive waterfalls
Perrine Coulee Falls, one of Twin Falls most impressive waterfalls

Minnie Miller Springs

Quick Stats

  • Location | Ritter Island in 1000 Springs State Park
  • Fees | $7 state park day use fee
  • Hiking distance | 0.5 miles
  • Hours | 10:00am to 3:00pm

Located on Ritter Island, one of six units of the 1000 Springs State Park, Minnie Miller Springs is an incredibly picturesque set of waterfalls cascading over a lush green canyon wall. Below the falls, the vibrant teal and green waters of the Snake River only add to the natural beauty. 

Ritter Island is about a 40 minute drive from Twin Falls. From the parking area, walk across the footbridge onto Ritter Island and follow the trail to the right. While the falls are almost immediately visible, it’s about a half mile walk to reach the best view of Minnie Miller Springs. At a grassy area with an outcropping in the trees, you will find a picture perfect view of the falls and a picnic table to sit and enjoy lunch while you soak it in. From Minnie Miller Springs you can continue along the Ritter Island Loop, a 2-mile trail which also leads to Lemmon Falls. 

Ritter Island is another great spot to put in a kayak or paddleboard. The crystal clear teal water is absolutely beautiful, and you can enjoy the beauty of both Minnie Miller Springs and Lemmon Falls by water. 

Minnie Miller Springs from Ritter Island

Lemmon Falls

Quick Stats

  • Location | Ritter Island in 1000 Springs State Park
  • Fees | $7 state park day use fee
  • Hiking distance | 0.5 miles
  • Hours | 10am to 3am

Almost as beautiful as its neighbor, Minnie Miller Springs, Lemmon Falls is also located on Ritter Island in the 1000 Springs State Park. After crossing the bridge to Ritter Island, take a left and continue about a quarter mile to reach the best view of Lemmon Falls. 

Lemmon Falls on Ritter Island, part of the 1000 Springs State Park

Pillar Falls

Quick Stats

  • Location | Snake River
  • Fees | None
  • Hiking distance | 1 mile (or 4 miles by kayak from Centennial Park)
  • Hours | Anytime

There are two ways to reach Pillar Falls: by water or by foot! We highly recommend renting a kayak and spending the day out on the Snake River. From Centennial Park, you can kayak up river about 2 miles until you reach Pillar Falls. For a longer day trip, you can portage your kayaks around Pillar Falls and continue another 2 miles until you arrive at the base of Shoshone Falls – a truly amazing experience!

If you have less time, you can also reach Pillar Falls via a 1 mile round trip hike. The Pillar Falls hike is moderately challenging, as it includes a 370 foot descent (and subsequent climb) to reach the river. 

At the top Pillar Falls is a large flat rock area, which makes the perfect spot to hang out for a few hours, swimming and soaking in the sun. Note that Pillar Falls is a seasonal waterfall, and does often dry up during the summer. 

hanging out at the pools/rocky area above Pillar Falls in Twin Falls Idaho
hanging out at the pools/rocky area above Pillar Falls.

Box Canyon Waterfall

Quick Stats

  • Location | Box Canyon Springs in 1000 Springs State Park
  • Fees | $7 state park day use fee
  • Hiking distance | 2 miles
  • Hours | 7:00am to 10:00pm

While not quite as impressive as the tropical-colored waters of Blue Heart Springs, Box Canyon Springs features vibrant blue and teal waters that will make you forget you’re in Idaho. In addition to its stunning springs, Box Canyon also features an impressive waterfall. 

The Box Canyon Falls take a little more effort to reach than many of the waterfalls in Twin Falls. To get there, take the 3 mile Box Canyon Springs Loop, which starts on the rim and drops 400 feet down into the canyon to get you up close to the falls. If you hike counterclockwise, the Box Canyon Falls is located about a half mile from the trailhead, so you could shorten the hike by going out and back. However, the full loop is really quite beautiful and leads to a lovely spring that makes a great spot to hang out for an afternoon. 

From Twin Falls, it’s about a 35 minute drive to reach the trailhead for the Box Canyon Waterfall. 

Box Canyon Waterfall, located 35 minutes from Twin Falls
Box Canyon Waterfall, located 35 minutes from Twin Falls
Box Canyon Springs

Devil’s Washbowl

Quick Stats

  • Location | Malad Gorge in 1000 Springs State Park
  • Fees | $7 state park day use fee
  • Hiking distance | 1/4 – 1 mile
  • Hours | 8:00am to 4:00pm

Located on the Malad River in the Malad Gorge unit of 1000 Springs State Park, the Devil’s Washbowl is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Twin Falls, Idaho. 

Devil’s Washbowl is located, quite literally, underneath the highway. As such, it can be a bit tricky to find and if you simply search for “Devil’s Washbowl” in GoogleMaps, it will NOT take you to the right place (I learned this the hard way…). You’ll want to go to the entrance of Malad Gorge State Park, and then there are several spots where you can see the Devil’s Washbowl. 

To walk overtop of the waterfall, stop by the Devil’s Washbowl Overlook. Here you can walk across a footbridge over top of Devil’s Washbowl to the other side of Malad Gorge. It’s actually a bit tough to really see the falls from the bridge, but continue along the paved path for about a quarter mile and you’ll arrive at an awesome view of the falls and the beautiful Malad Gorge. This is the best view of Devil’s Washbowl, in my opinion.

After visiting the overlook, you can also drive the scenic road through Malad Gorge, which offers several spots to pull off for more views of Devil’s Washbowl. 

view of Devil's Washbowl from the Gorge Overlook, the trail past Devil's Washbowl Overlook
view of Devil’s Washbowl from the Gorge Overlook, the trail past Devil’s Washbowl Overlook
view of Devil's Washbowl from the Scenic Drive in Malad Gorge
view of Devil’s Washbowl from the Scenic Drive in Malad Gorge

Cauldron Linn

Quick Stats

  • Location | near Murtaugh
  • Fees | None
  • Hiking distance | ½ mile
  • Hours | Anytime

One of the lesser visited waterfalls in Twin Falls, Idaho, Cauldron Linn gushes out of a narrow 40-foot section of the Snake River Canyon, forming two sequential waterfalls.

Cauldron Linn Falls is located about 30 minutes southeast of Twin Falls, near Murtaugh. Be aware that reaching the falls requires a bit of an adventure. First, the dirt road to get there starts out well maintained, but gets progressively more rough as you get closer to the falls. We’d definitely recommend driving a vehicle with high clearance and AWD/4WD. Once you reach the area near Cauldron Linn, there is no designated parking area, and no trail to the falls. You’ll have to choose your own path down over massive piles of rock to reach the falls. 

As with most Twin Falls waterfalls,  Cauldron Linn is best visited during the spring to see it at its most impressive. When I visited in mid June, the water was so low you could walk along the glistening white rocks smoothed by the force of the falls!

Tip | Dispersed camping is permitted near Cauldron Linn, located right along the Snake River. This would be a lovely place to spend a night under the stars!

smoothly sculpted rock just above the Cauldron Linn Falls

Niagara Springs

  • Location | Niagara Springs in 1000 Springs State Park
  • Fees | $7 state park day use fee
  • Hiking distance | short walk to viewpoint
  • Hours | 7:00am to 10:00pm

What makes Niagra Springs so unique is that it actually flows out of the ground before plummeting 250 feet down the Snake River Canyon. Further into the Niagara Springs State Park, you will also find another smaller set of springs and a small, calm lake known as Crystal Springs Lake. 

Niagara Springs is another section of the 1000 springs state park, located about 40 minutes outside of Twin Falls. The park is located inside the Snake River Canyon, and you must drive on a steep, windy road that drops into the canyon to get there – it’s not recommended for trailers or RVs. 

Other things to do near Twin Falls (that aren’t waterfalls)

Looking for more to do besides chasing waterfalls in Twin Falls? We’ve got you covered:

  • Kayak to the base of Shoshone Falls
  • Spend an afternoon hanging out by Dierkes Lake.
  • Explore the six different units of 1000 Springs State Park.
  • Take a day trip to Craters of the Moon to explore lava tubes, caves, volcanic rock and cinder cones!
  • Kayak to the unbelievably blue Blue Heart Springs near Hagerman,
  • See the Perrine Bridge over the Snake River Canyon.
  • Take a day trip to the Sawtooth Mountains. Great hikes include Alice Lake or Sawtooth Lake.

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