Located right off Highway 84 in southern Idaho, Devil’s Washbowl in Malad Gorge State Park is a great quick stop to stretch your legs and a must-visit on any trip to Twin Falls. The 60-foot waterfall is easily accessible and may be viewed from several viewpoints along Malad Gorge, including a footbridge that spans across the canyon overtop of the falls. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about visiting Devil’s Washbowl in Idaho, including the best viewpoints to see the stunning waterfalls!

Malad River carves the Malad Gorge in southern Idaho

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Devil's Washbowl in Malad Gorge State Park in southern Idaho

Devil’s Washbowl in Idaho

  • Location | Twin Falls, Idaho
  • Epicness rating | 4
  • Time | 1 hour
  • Cost | $7 per vehicle

Located in southern Idaho near Twin Falls, the Devil’s Washbowl is a massive cauldron of rushing water formed by two successive waterfalls along the Malad River. The river carves the stunning Malad Gorge, a rocky canyon that reaches 250 feet high at its deepest point and one of six sections of the 1000 Springs State Park.

Although we wouldn’t necessarily recommend going out of your way to visit Devil’s Washbowl, it’s certainly one of the best things to do on a trip to Twin Falls, Idaho!

Devil’s Washbowl from the Scenic Drive in Malad Gorge State Park


  • Stunning, enormous waterfall.
  • Quick and easy to access; conveniently located near Twin Falls, Idaho.


  • Highway behind the waterfall is less than scenic
  • No close-up spot with clear view of the falls

1000 Springs State Park in Idaho

Located within an hour’s drive of Twin Falls, Idaho lies the 1000 Springs State Park. But this isn’t just any state park!

In fact, there are actually six different units to 1000 Springs State Park, each unique in its own right: Box Canyon, Ritter Island, Malad Gorge, Niagara Springs, Kelton Creek, and Billingsley Creek.

Devil’s Washbowl is located in the Malad Gorge unit of 1000 Springs State Park.

As the name implies, 1000 Springs State Park is actually home to over 1000 naturally occurring springs, many of which produce waterfalls that appear to be oozing out of the canyon walls.

The park features stunning bright green and blue waters, rocky canyons and gorges, countless waterfalls, and crystal clear springs!

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Malad Gorge State Park

One of 1000 Springs State Park’s six sections, the Malad Gorge is a 2.5-mile-long rocky canyon carved by the vibrant blue waters of the Malad River. Devil’s Washbowl is by far the most impressive feature in Malad Gorge, although the park also offers a scenic drive with several impressive viewpoints.

Malad Gorge State Park is fairly small, making it a great quick stop to stretch your legs. An hour or so is all you need to explore the park’s highlights!

Entrance Fees

Entrance to Malad Gorge costs $7 per vehicle per day for out-of-staters and is covered by the Idaho State Parks Passport, a $10 annual pass that includes entrance to all Idaho state parks for one year for Idaho residents. The pass includes all six units of the 1000 Springs State Park.

Note that the entrance station at Malad Gorge is cash only. If you don’t have cash, the closest place to purchase a pass is at the 1000 Springs State Park visitor center located about 10 minutes away.

Malad River through Malad Gorge in souther Idaho

When is the best time to visit Devil’s Washbowl?

As with all waterfalls in Twin Falls, Idaho, the best time to visit Devil’s Washbowl at its most powerful is during the spring, from roughly March through May (although the exact timing varies by year). During the spring, snowmelt from surrounding mountains fuels the river and makes the waterfalls stronger and more impressive.

view from the bridge over Devil's Washbowl

How to get to Devil’s Washbowl

Devil’s Washbowl is located right off Highway 84 (quite literally!), although you would never know from just driving by. The park is located slightly northwest of Twin Falls near Hagerman, Idaho, and southeast of Boise.

Devil’s Washbowl and Malad Gorge State Park is conveniently located within:

  • 40 minutes from Twin Falls, Idaho
  • 1 hour 25 minutes from Boise, Idaho
  • 1 hour 40 minutes from Ketchum, Idaho
  • 2 hours 45 minutes from Stanley, Idaho
  • 3 hours 40 minutes from Salt Lake City, Utah

Tip: Beware that GoogleMaps and Apple maps may lead you astray if you search for “Devil’s Washbowl”. GoogleMaps will lead you to a point on the highway. Instead, you’re better off searching for “Malad Gorge State Park” and following signs in the park to the various viewpoints.

Devil’s Washbowl viewpoints

There are a couple different places from which you can see Devil’s Washbowl in Malad Gorge State Park. Below we’ll cover each option.

Bridge over Devil’s Washbowl

To get up close to Devil’s Washbowl, walk across the footbridge that crosses over Malad Gorge. The footbridge is located nearly directly above the waterfall. As a result, it’s actually a bit difficult to see the entire falls in all its glory. Nonetheless, hearing the sound of the cascading water gives you a sense of the waterfall’s immense power!

To get to the footbridge, take the first right after entering Malad Gorge State Park and continue until you reach the parking lot, located here.

Trail to Devil’s Washboard viewpoint

For a better full-picture view of Devil’s Washbowl continue along the trail on the opposite side of Malad Gorge across the footbridge. The trail leads to an awesome viewpoint of Devil’s Washbowl, for a roughly half-mile roundtrip walk. In my opinion, this is the best view of Devil’s Washbowl you will find in the park!

View Devil's Washbowl from the trail across the footbridge in Malad Gorge State Park
View of Devil’s Washbowl from the trail across the footbridge

Malad Gorge Scenic Drive

For more distant views of Devil’s Washbowl, return to the park’s main road and continue along the Scenic Drive, a roughly 6-mile loop that offers several beautiful viewpoints looking down Malad Gorge. Depending on how often you stop, driving the Scenic Loop should take about 20 to 30 minutes.

Devil's Washbowl from the Scenic Drive in Malad Gorge State Park
Views from the Scenic Drive in Malad Gorge State Park

Other things to do nearby

Looking for more to do near Twin Falls, Idaho? Check out the resources below for more help planning your trip!

Questions about visiting Devil’s Washbowl in Idaho’s Malad Gorge state park? Let us know in the comments below!

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